YouTube Video Money How To Make Money Off YouTube Videos

YouTube video money might seem like a dream for some people, but there are many who make a full time income off just YouTube videos.

YouTube videos can be a great source of passive income; you can upload a video once and it will keep sending you traffic for years and years! (provided it’s not removed!). Over the time, you will accumulate revenue, with only a initial investment of time!

The first step is to master the basics of YouTube videos and figure out what types of videos are working for you. Then in order to make big money you need to build up volume and monitize the videos. Sounds, simple enough ? :-)

I started using YouTube videos about 3 years ago and since then have managed to make some money off YouTube videos. Here are a few suggestions you can also try out and make some money.

YouTube Video Money 1 – Adding Google Adsense for YouTube Videos

YouTube has a feature which enables video monetization with Google AdSense. Once you have your Adsense account enabled you can make money from a YouTube video.

In order to get a profitable income with Adsense within YouTube videos the video needs to receive a lot of views which turn into clicks. So the best strategy here is to create a viral video.

YouTube Video Money 2 – Use videos for affiliate marketing

When creating videos for the affiliate marketing purpose, make sure that you don’t sound “too salesy”. From my experience I’ve found out that videos I create which demonstrate how an affiliate product solves a problem, tends to have better conversion rate.

For example, I recently created a video which highlighted on-site SEO optimization. This was more specific to blog posts and I discussed & demonstrated basic SEO tips that you need to carry out within the blog post. Of course for someone who has little knowledge about SEO, this can be overwhelming. So what if there was a word press plugin that simplified all that. Yes, that’s where I introduced SEOPressor which is sort of like a hand holding guide for on page SEO.

You can include an affiliate link within the video which a viewer can remember or you can embed a clickable button within your video. Another option is to add the affiliate link to the YouTube video description.

YouTube Video Money 3 – Use videos for your product landing page

Have you developed your own product and want to get more sales for the product? Well, it’s been proven that videos increase conversion. Try to come up with a type of video that you think will most suit the product landing page.

Here are some great examples where a video is used to allure the user into buying the product
Commission Autopilot, Video Traffic Academy

YouTube Video Money 4 – Create a Video Blog

Creating a video blog (also called vlogging) is also gaining popularity these days. If your video blog is successful, you can get advertisements for videos or long term sponsorships.

Buy a successful YouTube channel
If you don’t want to create a YouTube channel from scratch a wait patiently for it to grow, you can by an already established YouTube channel. If you come across a channel you think you can monetize, just send a message to the owner and see whether he or she is willing to sell it and negotiate a price.

YouTube Partnership Program

This is another successful way to make money from YouTube videos but to become a YouTube partner you first need to make sure you have the necessary criteria to apply for YouTube partnership.

Try out these methods and see how you can make money off YouTube videos. Start by uploading on one or two videos a week. Before you know it, you will be making sideline cash. Now who wouldn’t want some extra money from YouTube!

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