Making Great Marketing Videos Without Being On Camera

Some people are still shy to be on camera and I am here to tell you it’s ok. If you are not comfortable showing your face on camera there are other options you can use to create great marketing videos.
Camera Shy
Additionally, you don’t need expensive video cameras for the types of videos I am about to mention.

1. Screen Capture Videos

If you have browsed my YouTube channel, you would have noticed that the majority of videos are based on what’s happening on the computer screen.
Screen casts or screen capture videos are all about recording your computer screen.

I use Camtasia to capture and record the screen. It’s really easy to learn and use.

Here are a few video types you can create with this approach.

How To or demo type of videos
You show viewers exactly how it something works or give instructions on how to do a particular task.

The video I did on How To Add a YouTube Subscriber Widget to a WordPress blog is a good example. Here, I showed exact steps by giving “live” details. This makes it easy for viewer to apprehend.

So if you have a product, you can use these types of videos to educated your customer base on how to use the product. This makes it easy for them to learn.

It’s something similar to university lectures. You create a set of slides and then add voice to it. The trick here is to create good slides to keep the video viewers engaged.

Here’s an example from my YouTube channel.

2. Create Videos with Pictures and Music

This is the most simplest form. You don’t even need to add your voice!
If you have a product to promote these types of videos are good.

I’ve written a previous article giving exact steps on how to do this, read How To Make A YouTube Video Without A Camera for more details.

3. Video scribing/White board animation

These types of videos mimic someone writing on a white board.
You can use these effects to create explanatory videos and introduction videos.

How To Use Video scribing For Video Marketing

So there you have it. No more excuses for not creating videos! If you are camera shy get started with these types of videos.

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