How To Get YouTube Views From Article Marketing

There are many strategies to get YouTube views but a lot of people tend to overlook article marketing as one of those.

I initially, started to experiment with article marketing for to increase my blog traffic. Article marketing is a popular strategy for generating backlinks to websites. After seeing a considerable referral rate from articles that I published, I thought the same concept can be used to get YouTube views. If you do it right, article marketing can bring in great value to increase the number of views your video gets.

I used this approach for about 7 months now and according to analytics, there is a significant number of views that come from the articles the have been published.

In this post, I will list down my approach on how I use article marketing to get more video views. My strategy is fairly simple and you can also try it out. What have you got to lose!

1. Write 2 unique articles for each video uploaded

Based on the type of video, I write 2 articles surrounding that topic.

For example, I recently uploaded a video about how I earned 100 dollars in a day with just one video.

Then I wrote 2 articles on video affiliate marketing and added to EzineArticles. In the resource box of the article, I added a call to action, asking the reader to watch the video. So I had 2 backlink from EzineArticles to my video.

You will get a higher click through rate from the article to the YouTube video,
1. If the article that you published is relevant to the video.
2. If you give the readers of the article a reason to click, you will also get more views for the video too!

2. Re-Write(Spin) the 2 unique articles

There was a time where I used to manually, go by each sentence and rewrite it to make it a “new” article. This used to take a really long time and I was frustrated with the tedious work. While I was complaining about this to one of my friends, he recommended that I used Magic Submitter. Since it came with a 30 money back guarantee, I thought of giving it a try. I still use it to this day!

With the Magic Submitter, I am able to get multiple unique versions. I am able to spin the article and then upload those articles automatically to several other article directories.
Overall, it takes about 10 minutes to get about 50+ backlinks to the video!

3. Promote the articles with social bookmarking

Next I try to get as much traffic as possible to the articles. More traffic to the article, the better chance of people clicking through to watch the video to get YouTube views.

I use SocialMonkee to get 100 links. They also have a free option, where you can get 25 free backlinks each day.

4. Promote the articles on social media

I don’t post all the articles I have published on social media. I select the 2 best articles which add value and is of good quality. Then share it on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest etc to get more traffic to the article.

Start with one video that you need to get more YouTube views. Write a few articles surrounding the video topic. Don’t expect instant results. You should give it at least a month to really see whether the views that you are getting for the video has increased. Use analytics to measure your progress.

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