How To Create Videos With Calls To Action And Get Viewers To Take The Next Step

You can create the most useful and interesting video however without a clear video call to action there isn’t much benefit to you. Do you want a video viewer to sign up for a list, buy your product or take another action, you have to tell them within the course of the video, what you want them to do.

So my definition of a Video Call To Action is about getting the viewer of the video to take a desired action, defined by you.

Decide the Video Call to Action are you going to include

Before starting production of the video, know the ultimate goal of the video you are creating. Think about the outcome; what do you what to achieve with the video. What next action do you want the video viewer to take?
Is it to get more viewers to visit your website or product page after watching the video?
Do you want them to sign up for a email list?
Like the video?
Subscribe to your YouTube channel ?

Select a method of including the Video Call to Action within your video

A video call to action can be added in many different forms. Here are a few common ones I use.

1. Include a clickable links in your video
This works best when you want the user to subscribe to your channel or you want the viewer to click a link within the video. Also, if this is a marketing type video and then you can also add a “click the buy now” button sort of clickable button in your video.

2. Include text call to action within the video
Include a text within the video which is eye catching. It can even be an image of some sort which is occupied with a short text.

3. Include voice call to action within the video
Say what you want the user to do. for example,
Visit our website Promote YouTube Videos for more information on how to promote your YouTube Videos
Click the link mentioned under this video to get out 10% discount for the product

4. Include text in Video Descriptions
In the video description you can include a link and a small descriptive call to action. Keep in mind the video description character length limitation and make sure you add the important bits as early as possible.

5. Hybrid call to action within the video
This is where you mix the above 3 types of video call to actions. For example,
You can include voice as well as ask the viewer to click the “buy now” button

Decide where to place the Video Call to Action within your video

You should try to have more than one video call to action. However, it will depend on the length of the video. For a 1 minute video it doesn’t make sense to have about 4 or 5 video calls to actions!
So consider the viewers’ experience in when trying to decide the correct placement for the video call to action.Try to spread the video calls to actions into a natural transition as much as possible.

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