Video Commission Formula – How I Made 100 Dollars In A Day With One YouTube Video

I recently heard about Video Commission Formula from a friend. He told me how he was able to make affiliate commission using video, by just following the steps provided in the training.

For someone who has been working with video for a long time, I tend be skeptical at the premise of all these new video product offers. So I wanted to try it out myself. Video Commission Formula came with the 60 day full money back guarantee. I’ll admit that’s what got me to purchase this video training in the first place!

I bought the training, went though each module and carried out the exact steps mentioned in the training. The important thing to note here is that I TOOK action. Most people, who buy products look for some magic that will get them money without any effort. I am yet to find such product! So let me iterate again, I put what I learned into practice and saw instant results!

Here’s a video of my earnings from click bank (Proof! In case you doubt me). I never thought it would make me 100 dollars in one day, with a single video!

Here’s what I did to make it happen..

1. I went through the step by step training

The traditional way to make affiliate commission is to set up a website, write content and drive traffic to the site. Others also use pay per click ad to direct a user to an affiliate web site.
With Video Commission Formula, I got to know the you really don’t need to go into that much trouble. Without a website or domain of my own and without writing any articles there was a way to get traffic to the affiliate site.

Here are some of the key things that I learned from the training.

1. Select good affiliate offers for video

I had to select a video that I could make a video around, know which product can convert more with video, and generate regular commissions.

2. Convert video traffic

Even if the video has loads of traffic, you won’t get any affiliate commission unless someone visits the affiliate site. I got to know how to choose good keyword phrases that get attention, keyword research for SEO, tricks to get people to visit the site by offering incentives etc

3. Make commissions even if people don’t buy from your affiliate link!

Yes, I got to learn about how to make CPA affiliate commissions with videos. So even if none of the viewers’ bought anything I still got compensated for just re-directing the traffic! How cool is that! (of course the commission is much higher if people actually bought the product!)

– And much more read more about Video Commission Formula here

2. Selected a product from Click bank

I went through some products in Click Bank. Finding a product that I was able to create a video around wasn’t easy!

Before I recommend any product to others, I always try it out myself. If I am not happy with it, then I don’t even begin to promote the product irrespective of how much money it might bring me. Call me weird but that’s just me!

After some searching, I bought Satellite Direct TV for PC. A product that allowed anyone to watch over 5000 channels worldwide in high definition, for just a one-time payment of $49.95.

Surely, other people can also benefit from saving $1000 USD a year on cable TV, I thought. The sales page was attractive and had the ability allure a customer. Important, it was a product that was already selling well and also came with a money back guarantee.

3. Created the video

I decided to create a video showing how to install it. It was a screen cast video I created using Camtesia. My goal for the video was to show how easy it was to set it up, for those who weren’t too savvy with technology. (If I can, so can you sort of video)
After installing, I showed a few channels and discussed a few TV shows that I loved to watch.

I included the affiliate link throughout the video (it was sort of a water mark). I didn’t try to sound overly promotional. Basically, it wasn’t a sales video where I compelled people to buy. It was a video which helped people and I got it done in a very personable manner.

Once I was done, I uploaded the video to YouTube. (sorry I can’t provide the link here because some jealous people tend to tag such videos as violating YouTube terms. Then YouTube ends up terminating the channel! It happened to me before for one of my affiliate videos, so I don’t want to risk it here)

4. Promoted the video

I used all the techniques I learned in Video Commission Formula, had started promoting the video to get as many views I could possible for the video. Within 3 days, I had about 650 views and just one day I had several sales, which made it possible to make over 100 dollars that day.

I don’t work promoting this video anymore. However, up to this day I still continue to make affiliate commissions from this video.

Video Commission Formula Summary

Even though I was skeptical of what this video training had to offer initially, after managing to earn a recurring commissions using the methods taught in Video Commission Formula, I will admit that I was wrong to doubt the promise of this product.

Hope this was useful to you.
==> Click Here to try out Video Commission Formula.

You can always return it and get a refund if it’s not for you. Let me know how if you manage to bypass my record and make more than 100 dollars from a video!

Leave a comment below, would love to hear your success stories..

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5 Responses to “Video Commission Formula – How I Made 100 Dollars In A Day With One YouTube Video”

  1. Just wondering if there is any money you spent in promoting the video, according to the course, or it was all free.

    This review is great. Thanks for the info.

    • Hi Sunganani,
      No I didn’t spend any money for promoting videos. The only money I spent was to buy this course. I recovered, that money by monetizing 4 videos! So it was all worth it.


  2. youtube real cash Reply March 28, 2013 at 5:20 pm

    Thank for sharing.


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