How To Use YouTube Videos To Turn Prospects Into Customers And Increase Sales

Over the week-end I was reading Endless Referrals written by Bob Burg who is an expert in networking and relationship marketing.

There was one key quote that struck with me.

“All things being equal, people do business with, and refer business to people they know, like and trust.”

This got me thinking about how we can use YouTube videos to make people know, like and trust.

Make people KNOW about your business or product using YouTube

How can you use videos to make people more aware about you? Here are a few ideas,

Welcome videos describing about you, your business.
Create product demo videos and show how your product or service will help solve a problem.
Create product review videos.
There are several other types of videos you can create. I’ve covered them in, 6 Types Of Videos You Can Create To Build Your Business

Include branding in the videos so that people will be familiar with your logo, web url etc

Make people LIKE you, your business, product using YouTube

1. Make videos which are personable.
Tell stories through videos, try to related to your viewers as much as possible through the videos you create.
Check out my previous post on, How To Use Video scribing For Video Marketing.

2. People like People who are helpful.
Write down about 10 problems that people in your niche might face.
Then create a video for each of those problems with solutions. Suggestion what they can do to overcome such issues. Be as helpful as possible.

Get people to TRUST you, your business and the product you off using YouTube

Get people to trust you as an expert.

1. You can get this done by demonstrating the knowledge that you have.
Display your knowledge through YouTube videos. When a someone watches such video they should be convinced that you are an expert in that particular areas, that you know what you are doing and saying.

2. Get endorsements from others which will vouch for your credibility.
For example, if you want to buy a book, you might look at some of the comments that are left by others. If the majority say that it’s a crappy book, then it will definitely make you think twice about buying that book. But on the other hand if the book has a lot of good reviews from a lot of people, then the chances are that you might not have any doubt at all!
So the same principle applies here.

Upload testimonial by users who have used your product.

Get the industry experts in your niche to give you a testimonials through video. This will no doubt increase credibility.

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