How To Use Video Marketing To Make People Buy

Have you come across any “As seen on TV” videos recently? Isn’t it amazing how they manage to convince you, that you really need that product after watching that video? When you initially started to watch, you didn’t have a clue about the product; you didn’t even realize you had such a “problem” that made you really want that product in the first place.

If you look close at the type of videos that make people buy, you’ll realize a few commonalities amongst these videos.

1. Using video marketing to make people buy

– Create need
The video convinces that the video viewer NEEDs the product now

One of the common reasons why people don’t buy a product is that they don’t think they need it right now. So how do you convince someone that they really need it?
By creating a need for it.

Make the video in a way that makes the potential customer curious. You have got to create an emotional appeal so that they will want to buy the product. How can someone save money, get richer or become better looking etc by using your product? You have to SHOW that through your video.

Example of creating a need to make people buy
Let’s use Satellite Direct TV for PC for an example. This product will enable you watch about 5000 TV channel online.
Do you want to buy this product? Probably not. You have a good cable TV connection and you don’t want to get rid of that.

What if through video, I show you
Ways you can save more than $1000 a year by using Satellite Direct TV for PC.
How you can watch over 5000 channels worldwide in High Definition
How you can achieve all that with just a one-time payment of $49.95?

Would you at least consider heading over to the main page for more details about Satellite Direct TV for PC? 😉

2. Using video marketing to make people buy

– Making people believe
The video convinces that it’s not just another “too good to be true” offer

Most of the video marketing type of videos is totally centered on just marking the product.

It’s too difficult to install?
Will my laptop be compatible with this software?
Do I need additional hardware?

How can you use video to remove the barrier and convince people that it actually works?
This is also another reason why people don’t buy. Often, the sales pitch takes prominence and it sounds too good to be true. So how can you use video to remove this barrier?

SHOW, how to install and the fact that any additional hardware is not needed.
Get customers who already bought this product, to give video testimonials.

3. Using video marketing to make people buy

– Offer an incentive
The video convinces that buying this product is fully worth the money

Many people watching might just think that the product is too expensive. Or they don’t want to make such an investment.

Here’s what you can do to work around that and generate more sales from video.
Give a discount code within the video that’s given only to viewers of the video.
Introduce a time dependent sale, “valid for today only”

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