How To Show A Video Next To Search Results

With Google showing videos as part of the search results, it’s now possible to show a video thumbnail alongside the search results in Google.
Forrester Research found that videos were 53 times more likely than “traditional” web pages to receive an organic first-page ranking.

In other words, getting your video ranked on the first page for a given page is easier than trying to your webpage for that particular keyword.

Furthermore, the click through rate on the search result is also higher if you have a video thumbnail next to the search results.

I can relate my own experience and say that I tend to click through more videos than a normal search results. Some videos have a compelling thumbnail that make you want to know what it’s all about!

In the image below, you’ll see a video from my YouTube Channel, PromoteOnlineVideos. The search listing shows the related thumbnail along with the title and the description of the video.

Show A Video Next To Search Results

Would you also like to show one of your videos next to search results?
Ever wondered how to get your video featured on the first page of Google? Here are a few steps that worked for me.

1. Get your video indexed by Google

Google should know about your video. The easiest way to make it known is to upload your video to YouTube. This alone doesn’t guarantee your video will be on the first-page result, but at least it ensures that Google knows about your video.

2. Optimize your video for search engines

Go through the pre-upload video search engine optimization check-list to make sure that you “prepare” your video. This means, finding a good keyword for your video, including it in the video title, description, tags etc.

3. Increase YouTube engagement factors

A few years ago, it was sufficient just to add keywords in title etc and the video displayed next to search results. However, starting mid 2012, there are a new set of attributes that affect video ranking. Things like number of comments, the likes, how many shares, how long a user watches the video etc all contribute towards ranking your video higher.

So make sure to put in some extra effort and increase YouTube engagement factors.

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