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YouTube promoted videos are Google search ads and are displayed according to visitors’ search results either at the top or to the right of the page.
These promoted videos offer advertisers a way to
1. Draw attention to a video
2. Get more video views
3. Increase channel subscribers
4. Influence video conversions.
5. Add external links to videos
One of the biggest disadvantages with normal YouTube videos is that you can’t add any external links directly to the video. However, with a promoted videos account, you can add overlays to videos and link directly to your blog, website, sales page, etc. Read about

Using Promoted YouTube Videos: Best Practices

Here are a few rules of thumb I’d recommend so that you don’t waste your money!

1. Make sure that you already have several good and engaging videos uploaded to your YouTube channel.

2. Choose a relevant and eye grabbing thumbnail for the video
Similar to Google ads, Promoted Videos are managed through AdWords and follow a similar format to paid search. So ensure that the ad-copy related to our video. It will help attract the right audience. Words and concepts related to your video(s) should be used in the ad. The words “official” or “original” in a headline tend to increase views.

3. Keywords must relate to the video you are promoting
YouTube viewers are mainly looking just for video content. So search patterns are different to “normal Google search”. So, re-using your other adwords campaigns on normal search won’t give you the desired results. Use the YouTube Keyword research tool

4. Remember to add a video overlay
With promoted videos you can add an advertisement, as an video overlay that appears at the bottom of your video while it plays. The overlay allows you to link from your YouTube video to an external site. This is a great way to drive viewers to your blog or website or sales page. This tends to increase conversion rates.

How To Get Started With Promote Videos

Check out the official Promoted Videos Getting Started Guide. It’s a step by step guide which has all the details you’ll need.

Have you tried out YouTube promoted videos? How has your experience been ?
What’s been your experience with YouTube and Promoted Videos?

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