How To Promote Affiliate Products Through YouTube Video

Have you tried promoting your affiliate products using YouTube video? Video marketing is rapidly gaining momentum and you really are missing out if you are not using YouTube videos as a marketing medium.
Many people are of the belief that video can only be used to entertain. Often they overlook the possibility of creating a video to promote an affiliate product. You can use YouTube videos to drive traffic to your sites/pre-sales page or you can just add a clickable link into the video directly.

1. Find an affiliate product you can promote

In order to successfully promote an affiliate product via video, you need to find a product that you can create a video on.
I use ClickBank to find an affiliate product.

2. Decide on the type of video you are going to create

Is it a tutorial on how to use the affiliate product? Is it going to be a user testimonial ? Are you going to interview the product owner?
What is the type of video you are going to create?
The questions were just to give you some video ideas for getting you started.
Note: The videos I make which showcase how an affiliate product works real-time has a better conversion rates and more sales.

3. Create the Video

To demonstrate an affiliate product I use Camtasia Studio which is a good screen capture software. When users see that I am actually using the product, they know that I have also bought the product. This instills some trust on the person who is watching the video. Additionally, since I am showing what can be done with the affiliate product the viewers will want to know about the affiliate product.

If you don’t want to create the video yourself, then there are several outsourcing options you can look at. Sometimes, when I run out of time I use fiverr to get some videos created to promote the affiliate product. Just make sure, you have gone through the previous feedback the freelancer has received before placing an order. Naturally, you don’t want to place an order for someone who has got loads of negative reviews for the work they have done!

4. Add a clickable affiliate link to the video

Most of the time video viewers don’t watch the entire video. So it’s important to grab their attention before their attention drifts.
Knowing that, it’s important to make sure as a person’s attention starts to drift, we present them with the action we want them to take. So if your video is somewhat long, it might be wise to use EVP to display clickable text or a “Buy Now” button over your video.

  • Using easy video player you can add clickable buttons like “Buy Now” or “Click Here For More details” which are prominent within the video. Or you can just add some clickable text as well.
  • For YouTube videos you can’t add any clickable links unless they are promoted YouTube videos
  • Also, add the url to the video description. For YouTube videos, only the first 27 character or so are shown before the “more info” button needs to be clicked. So include the url as early as possible.

5. Adding non-clickable affiliate links to the video

The conversion of non-clickable affiliate links are rather low (at least in my experience). So don’t recommend having non clickable affiliate links only. Make sure your URL is memorable. Don’t include a lengthy affiliate link with affiliate numbers etc. If you have a such link, buy a new domain(Get up to 5 new .COMs, $5.99 per year for the 1st year!) and then redirect that URL to the affiliate page. This is also called domain forwarding.

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6. Promote your affiliate video!

Now you’ve done all the work, so make sure you promote the video to more video views.
Optimize YouTube videos for SEO so that it will rank higher in Search Engine results.

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