How To Optimize YouTube Videos To Get Higher Google Rankings And More Video Views

While there are several cool tricks you can do to get higher Google rankings and more video views, none of those will work if you have crappy video content. Even for videos, content is still king! That said, good video content alone is not sufficient to get more video views. Most people put in a lot of effort into creating a good YouTube video but they neglect to “package” the video so that people will be able to find and watch the video.

How To Optimize YouTube Videos

Keyword Rich Titles

Video titles play a huge part in convincing a YouTube user to actually watch the video. Most users are just browsing around. You WANT them to stumble upon your video and watch it.

Having a eye catchy video title sure does go a long way
Here’s a example,
video title 1:The magic trick I learned today
video title 2:Leaked Video- Rare Magic Trick It’s A Must See!
Which video title do you think will entice the user more to watch the video?

Add a few keywords in the video title
It’s very important that you have a keyword rich video title after all you want get higher google rankings via both YouTube search engine and Google search engine. So add about 2-3 related keywords to your video title.

Click Here to get more details

Optimizing the Description

The video description section tells your viewers what the video is about. This may sound simple but there are a few things that you need to be aware of

Only 27 characters (max) are displayed before the “three dots”
YouTube doesn’t display all the description text you write. So associate your video keywords early. Describe as much of the video in the first 27 words so that YouTube and viewers will be able to see it.

Which bring to my next points,
Start the YouTube Video description with a click-able URL
You might have a website or blog that you want to promote. By adding a URL you can drive traffic from your video to your site. You will get a higher conversion rate if this URL is placed first in the YouTube video description.
Add http:// before the URL or the URL won’t be click-able!

Include some relevant keywords about your video
After adding the URL its important that you try to give brief description about the video along. You need to squeeze in a few keywords so that search engines know what your video is about. Make sure that you don’t over do it and stuff popular keywords or irrelevant information.

Include Video Tags

Tags are keywords related to your video. There are no restriction on the number of tags you can add. I generally, use about 6 to 12 tags.

Use the exact tags other popular YouTube Videos use for your primary keyword
Yes, you have to spy on other popular YouTube videos and see what they are using. Simply enter the keyword in YouTube search engine and see what keywords the popular videos are using. Then use the same tags. The advantage of using the same tags is that it increase the chances of getting your video show up next to the popular video. It’s like piggybacking on the other video’s popularity.

Add a Video Call to Action

As far as I know YouTube doesn’t extract content of the video and to it’s index. So there isn’t much point mentioning keyword within the video content. Basically, what you say doesn’t have a direct impact on getting your YouTube video higher Google rankings. However, what you say matters indirectly to get more video views , comments and likes!

Honestly, I don’t know the nitty gritty details of how these impact to get higher Google rankings for video but I know that user interaction with your video matters.
So make sure that you include a call to action in your video asking your viewers to leave a comment, like the video if they’ve truly enjoyed what they watched.

I’d love to know what your strategy is to optimizing videos for SEO. Let me know below.

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