How To Optimize Your YouTube Channel For Your Business

When it comes to promoting your business through YouTube videos, many people focus on getting more views for the videos. That’s great. At the same time, you need to equally work on optimizing your YouTube channel too.

The video channel is the “home” for all your videos. So make sure that your viewers get the correct impression about your business through the YouTube channel.

1. Create a dedicated YouTube channel for your business

Don’t mix personal and business videos. On occasion it’s ok to to show to be personable in the videos that you upload. However, try not mix your personal channel where you have videos of your cat and dog with your business video.

When people subscribe to your business channel they are more likely to be interested in the business aspect, as a result you might lose subscribers if most of your videos are non business related.

So keep in mind that subscribers for business are different from personal. By all means, it’s ok to have a personal videos. Just create a separate YouTube Channel for those.

2. Get your business YouTube channel name right

Make sure that the name you get for your channel is fairly short, memorable and relevant to your business.
Check out my previous article on, How To Choose A Good YouTube Channel Name You Won’t Regret Later!

3. Optimize the profile description of the YouTube Channel

Include a overview of what the channel is about and inform your video audience about the channel.
What sort of videos can they can expect to find, what is your business etc

4. Add links to related your business

You can link to your business home page, product page and even a blog.
The image shown alongside the name of the page is extracted from the fav icon on the website. So make sure to include a your business logo or something relevant to your business.

5. Link your social media profiles

YouTube allows you to add a Twitter, Facebook and Google+ links to your YouTube channel. So go head and link up your business social media profiles to YouTube.

6. Make the YouTube channel branding consistent with your business

Don’t just leave the default YouTube background. Add a customized background and make sure the colors of the channel blend in with the the overall branding strategy of your business website.
Refer Promote Your Brand With YouTube Videos, for more information.

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