How To Get Views On YouTube Using Word Of Mouth Marketing

Have ever considered using word of mouth marketing as a way to get more YouTube video views?
Word Of Mouth MarketingLast Sunday, I was reading Word of Mouth Marketing: How Smart Companies Get People Talking by Andy Sernovitz.

This book made me realize that I can use the same elements of the book and adapt the concept for promoting YouTube videos. Try these out to create a video word of mouth marketing campaign!

1. Talkers

These are some important questions you need to ask before you upload the YouTube video.

Who will spread the word about your video?
Are those the people in a similar niche, the viewers that share the same experience that was in the video?
Think about it. These are the people that will influence the the number of views your video will get.

Basically, who will talk about your video to their friends?
Are these the customers you already have and like you?

Get Views On YouTube

2. Topics

You have to give reasons to the video viewer so that they spread your video and talk about it. They NEED a topic for the conversion. Do you have anything worthy in your video that provide such conversation topic?

There are various way you can use YouTube videos to create such conversations.
It could be a special sale, new event, funny video, cool product etc.

Whatever it is, you have to make it memorable, so that people will remember to spread it with their friends! In return you will get more views on YouTube.

3. Tools

How will people spread your video?

For YouTube videos, there are many in built easy ways that one can share the video.
It could be by embedding the video, sharing on Twitter, Facebook etc.

You have got to urge the YouTube viewers to share your video. Video calls to actions really go a long way to increase the chances of a video being spread through various social media networks.

4. Taking part in the conversation

Don’t just upload the YouTube video and do nothing! Within the video ask viewers to leave comments. When they do, make sure you answer the questions, give feedback and fuel the conversation.

It’s important to keep the conversation flowing….

5. Track

Out of all the above, I would think that this is the most time consuming element. Keeping track of what people saying online about your video. There are so many social media platforms so it’s not a easy task to stay up to date on what’s being said about your video all the time.
I don’t have a large staff to run my business so I generally keep tabs on Twitter and YouTube comments sections.

The reason I try to do this is because, I need to know what they think. For example, if the majority of viewers think that I have uploaded a crappy video, I need to analyze and see why it wasn’t that well received. Was it the type of content, the presenter, the visuals etc.

In “theory” creating a word of mouth marketing for promoting YouTube videos seems fairly easy. If that was the case, then why don’t we see everyone talking about every video that’s uploaded?

Well, I would think that they are mainly missing the TALKERS and the TOPICS. Once you have those 2 to great effect, the rest I believe will fall in line.

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