How To Choose A Good YouTube Channel Name You Won’t Regret Later!

Finding a good name for your YouTube channel is like naming a baby :-) You should pick a good name upfront because you can’t change it later!

YouTube Channel Name

There are 3 approaches people use when choosing a YouTube channel name,

1. Use your personal name

Some people prefer to use their own name as the YouTube Channel name.
For example if you name is john doe, then the channel name can be JohnDoe (if the name is available)

This approach works best if you are popular and have a unique name!
For example, if you are a singer and plan on growing your name having a personal name works well.

2. Business name as the YouTube Channel name

You can keep your channel name consistent by using the same name as your business name.

There are 2 things that might restrict you from doing this

1. YouTube Channel name length
If your business name is longer that the maximum length allowed by YouTube then you won’t be able to use the exact name.

2. YouTube channel name availability
If someone else has already created a channel name based on your business name, you won’t be able ot use the same name.

Another option is to use the business domain URL as the channel name.

3. Choose a keyword rich name

Having a keyword rich channel name will enable your channel and videos to be ranked well within the YouTube search engine.

For example, if your company business name is “star enterprise” and it’s about providing limousine services within New York, you can name your channel as “NewYorkLimousineService”

This increase the chances of your channel/videos showing up on the first page of YouTube/Google search, if a customer searches for “NewYork Limousine Service”.

Note: Having just the name is only the foundation for proper video optimization, there is a still more to be done to get your video ranked.

For example if you type, Promote Online Videos (which is my channel name), the channel is listed in the first page of Google results page. (at the time of writing this post!)

Once you decide whether you want to have your own name, business name or keyword rich channel name, there are still a few more things you need to consider.

Rule of thumb tips for a good YouTube Channel Name

1. Pick a memorable YouTube channel name

If you make the YouTube channel name, easy to remember, you can get more subscribers and views to your video

For example, if you have “hjhyeret” as the channel name, it’s going to be difficult to say out loud and even more difficult for people to remember!

2. Avoid using numbers

I would also advice for you, not to include numbers.
For example, have a name such as “starenterprise3241” is not at all wise.

In a radio commercial, podcast or may be even within your own YouTube videos, you might have to mention the channel name “out loud”.
If you have a YouTube channel name that can’t be easily pronounced or mentioned without confusion (e.g 1 or one), it’s going to be difficult for you as well as your audience.

All in all, If you can find a name that is relevant, fairly short and memorable then you’re onto a winner. Once you have figured out the name, refer my post on how to create a YouTube channel under 2 minutes, to actually create the channel for your business.

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