How I Saved My Small Business Using YouTube

After studying how to build a niche business online, I did the necessary keyword research, developed a product that would appeal to my target audience. Then I created a content-rich website to sell my new product. Although I followed up by using several traffic generation strategies, both free and paid ones, I discovered that I was not getting enough traffic to make high sales volumes.

YouTube Video Marketing

It was then, in the proverbial 11th hour, that I found some fascinating information about video marketing, in particular marketing on YouTube. After setting up a comprehensive YouTube marketing strategy, I waited to see if anything would happen. Much to my surprise and delight, traffic began to trickle in, and over time this volume of traffic began to increase.
YouTube videos did a lot more than just bring attention to my URL. They also did an excellent job of pre-selling to my visitors before they arrived on my website.

Is YouTube Really A Silver Bullet?

According to folklore, a silver bullet is the only effective defense against a werewolf. In other words, it is a magical solution that saves the day. This is what YouTube did for me. It saved my small business. What’s more, I’m not the only one who has come to this conclusion. Here are some fascinating facts about YouTube that will help you understand exactly why you should consider marketing with YouTube videos.

1. The viewing audience of YouTube is a staggering 2 billion people a day. This is the equivalent of the viewership of the three major broadcast networks in the United States combined!

2. A video is uploaded on YouTube every minute. This means that in a period of 60 days there are more YouTube videos uploaded than the amount of content that three major broadcast networks of the United States have been able to upload in the past 60 years.

3. On average, each visitor will spend 15 minutes a day watching a video on YouTube.

7 Things I Did To Promote My YouTube Videos

Here are seven things I did to get the most out of my YouTube marketing:

1. I took my time planning a video that would appeal to my niche audience, offering them valuable information and timely solutions to common problems.

2. I invested in a cheap Flip cam, which helped me to produce good high-quality videos.
3. I wrote a very good description for each video.

4. I responded to questions in the comments area, providing useful answers.

5. I did comprehensive keyword research to ensure that my videos stood out and would not be lost in the crowd. I wanted to make sure that my niche audience found them.

I continued the conversation by adding links back to my website.

7. I developed a series of videos around a theme and posted them on a regular schedule.

3 More Best Practices To Get More YouTube Traffic

1. Create a comprehensive campaign.
Rather than hoping for a one-hit wonder– a single video that will go viral–it is much better to create an entire series. This is something that you should plan ahead of time instead of inventing ideas as you go along.

2. Teach don’t sell.
People go to YouTube to either be educated or entertained. If you can do both, then your videos will be very appealing. Visit forums in your niche and find out what people are asking, research the answers, and create a series of video tutorials.

3. Learn from feedback.
Remember, YouTube is an interactive website. You will be able to tell from the comments under your video what people are thinking. This will allow you to fine-tune your marketing based on feedback.

People love videos, preferring them to text or plain audios. If you haven’t started marketing with YouTube videos, I hope this post will inspire to get started and enjoy the benefits.

This is a guest post by Elisabeth, a freelance blogger who regularly works with

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