Custom YouTube Video Thumbnail Hack – Create Compelling Thumbnails That Drive Views For Non-Partner YouTube Channels

The YouTube video thumbnail is your mini marketing advertisement for the content you provide within your YouTube Video.
These video thumbnails can be seen view in

  • The Google search results page as a small image that comes
  • The YouTube search results page as a small image that comes
  • The YouTube video related videos section as a small image on the side bar
  • Within a YouTube video after a video is completed as a small image
  • Small image that comes in
  • Fairly Large image when the YouTube video is used as an embedded video.

Things to Consider When Creating Custom YouTube Video Thumbnail

1. Make the thumbnail a visually attractive image
Yes, you need to find something beyond a girl in a bikini!

2. Frame the thumbnail
If it’s a close up of faces or image with a background make sure it is well framed for the given resolution.

3. Avoid light colors
The more drastic, bright and high contrast the more visually appealing the thumnail is going to be. Keep in mind that there will be a very small version of the image shown in the search results. So it has to look good even when the height and width is less.

4. Let the foreground stand out from the background

Overall, the youtube video thumbnail has to be relevant, representative and eye-catching. So show the potential view what they can expect from the YouTube video.

How To Create a Custom YouTube Video Thumbnail

Here’s a step by step guide on how you can make a custom YouTube thumbnail for non-partner accounts.

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