Hey there, Thank you for visiting. Let me give a quick introduction about myself and what this site has to offer you.

My name is Shamelle Perera. I was swirled into the world of online marketing about 7 years ago. It started with one blog and grew into a few more. Read my full story here.

Sure, like everyone else I wanted to profit from the niche sites I made. So as the theory goes more traffic, better conversion! I was trying out myriad of things to increase traffic to my websites. That’s when I stumbled about the concept of video marketing.

To start out, I created 2 videos for one site and uploaded to YouTube. Nothing happened! There were a few views for the videos and I was beginning to question my time and effort that went into making the videos!

I didn’t want that. I was determined to get more eye balls on the videos that I created and really persisted in finding new ways to actually make that happen. Gradually, I was getting somewhere!
The common advice is “Upload videos to YouTube and video sharing sites.”

This really is half or almost quarter of the battle. How is it that some videos get loads of views while others don’t?
I started this blog, as way to help others who might be in a similar position. There are loads of other aspects that go into getting more video views, converting those views into something profitable.

Whether you want to use YouTube videos to promote your business/website, get more views to your video or just make money from YouTube videos you’ve come to the correct place.
While it’s important to read these articles, I strongly suggest that you put the advice into action to get the benefits.

Stay in touch.. Would love to hear about video marketing success stories as well as any questions/issues that you might have. I’ll try to address them in this blog.
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