8 Ways To Use YouTube Videos To Promote Your Products On Your Website

Using YouTube videos as part of the online marketing campaign is a necessity in this day and age. No doubt you have already seen some inspiring video that advertise a business website, their products and services. In this post I plan to write about a few avenues to leverage videos to market your business.

1. Promote your brand with video

Think about ways to utilize video to create brand awareness. It could be testimonials, useful presentations that give value to a viewer, watermark for the video with your brand logo etc.

2. Utilize videos to welcome visitors to your blog
You’ll often see that most business websites and blogs have a introduction video on the sidebar. This can be short 2 minute video which explains what your business is about, what sort of products and services you offer.

3. Add YouTube videos for sales pages or landing pages
Done correctly, video can be a really persuasive tool which can turn casual browsers into paying customers for your business website. Many A/B testing with sale pages have proven that videos actually increase conversion rates. So it’s important that you use video to give a demo of what the user is about to purchase.
For example, see how this sales page uses video effectively to promote their video training programming.

4. Get your customers to promote your product with videos!

I recently came across this Facebook marketing campaign, where the company asked customers to upload a 2 minute video to the company’s Facebook page.

5. Compare products
Do you have several products with different price ranges? Or may be you want to highlight how your product is better than your competitors product?

6. Teach people how to use your products by creating videos
Make it easier for users to know how to use your product. What is it that you sell? What does the user need to learn in order to use it? By using video you can decrease that learning curve for the user and the user is more likely to see how easy it is and buy the product.

7. Have interviews

It could be a technical person who answers questions or may be an interview with the CEO of the company. How can you leverage video interviews for your business?

8. Use videos to introduce an upcoming event
Perhaps there is a seminar upcoming or may be you are planing on hosting a online webinar. Give a preview of what’s in store for them so that you can attract potential customer to actually sign up.

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