7 Ways To Increase The Viral Potential Of Your YouTube Videos

There are so many videos that go viral on YouTube every day. When we say,“viral video” it means that a video became popular and received a massive viewer redistribution. Often, these videos have more than 100,000 views and they are “free” video views that came naturally (not paid views).

You can’t really “plan” for a YouTube video to go viral, you can however increase the viral potential that will make the video go viral.

1. Create Viral Potential Video Content!

This might seem obvious, but something most people seem to ignore when creating YouTube videos. All the other tips mentioned in this post won’t matter, if you don’t get this basic step correct.

Think of the purpose of creating your video. Is it for entertaining purpose? Or maybe it is to educated viewers?

In either case, the video should be engaging and remarkable. Are you able to “wow” your YouTube viewer with the video you just created?
If you need the viewers to take their own initiate and share the video with others they know (e.g facebook, twitter etc), then YOU HAVE TO impress the viewer with the video content.

2. Keep the YouTube Video short

If you observe some characteristics of several videos that have gone viral in the past, one thing they have in common is that the video is less than 5 minutes.

3. Help People find your video – Optimize for Search engine traffic

Have you heard about YouTube SEO ? It’s about optimizing the YouTube video attributes in a way that the YouTube video can be easily found for a particular keyword on YouTube search as well as Google and other search engines.

YouTube video title, tags, description and more should be optimized. There are specific steps that you need to follow, I’ve written about it before. Check out here.

4. Make the YouTube Video thumbnail “eye candy”

The YouTube video thumbnail plays a vital role in enticing the viewer to watch the video. It has to grab the users’ attention and make them want to watch the video.
If your YouTube channel is a partner account then you have the ability to choose the thumbnail you would like to appear next to the Title of the video.

Unfortunately, if you are not a partner you are stuck with the image YouTube provides you. Most people area unaware that there is a YouTube video thumbnail hack that can be used to select a custom YouTube thumbnail for non-partner accounts.

5. Promote your YouTube videos

If you simply upload your video to YouTube and forget about the video, it is unlikely to get you many views, if any at all! To increase the viral potential of the video you need to get more views. So you have to spend some time and effort promoting YouTube videos.

Use social networking sites, such as Twitter, Facebook, Digg and Reddit.
Also, promote your video on social bookmarking sites. Social Monkee allows you to submit one url per day to 25 social bookmarking sites for FREE!

6. Test the viral potential of the videos by create more videos

It’s unlikely that the one video you uploaded, will gain viral status. Create more than one video and see what resonates best with your viewers. Which of the videos you uploaded got the most numbers of viewers?

Go back and analyze what made that video get more views than the rest of the other videos that you uploaded. Once you find the commonalities. Use those characteristics in the new YouTube videos you create.

7. Getting YOUR video Featured on the YouTube “Most Viewed” page

Getting your video feature on the YouTube “most viewed” page should be your ideal goal. If this is done, you just won half the battle.

If you get around 50,000 views in a really short time, this goal is achievable. Each video is featured for about 48 hours before the video is moved from the Daily Most Viewed list to the Weekly Most Viewed list. This is the holy grail of getting your video to go viral!

Isn’t it time YOUR YouTube video also went viral? Try the above steps and see whether it increases the viral potential of your YouTube video.

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