6 YouTube Video Engagement Factors You Shouldn’t Ignore

YouTube video ranking algorithm considers the video viewer engagement factor when ranking the video results. As a video marketer, it’s not just sufficient to create a business video and upload, but you also need to make sure to go the extra mile to get viewers more engaged with your video.
Video that build a social following and people are interacting.

1. Comments/Video response

Get more comments to your video. Make sure they are not just spam comments but fuel the conversation.
The best way to get more comments is to ask a question towards the end of the video. You can also ask the viewer to leave a comment if they have a question. Make sure to respond to those comments.

Another form of comments are video comments, known as video response.
How do you get people to make a video in response to your video?
You can make your video a video response to other people’s response.
Also encourage others to leave a video response to a video you created.
If you have a community of YouTube friends consider trading video responses.

2. Likes/favorites

You want viewers to engage by clicking the like/dislike button.
Lots more thumbs up help. At the same time, thumbs down is also a plus, because it means people are engaging. (even though they might not like the video!)

3. YouTube Video Embeds

Make sure to enable the embed option for your video so that others can embed your video in their website.
Additionally, you can embed it in your blog, write an article surround it too.

4. Social shares

Twitter, facebook. It’s simple to share on your own. Also, give a call to action in the video to encourage viewer to share the video within their community too.

5. Views/attrition

Ever logged in and looked at the engagement report?

Views alone are not sufficient for better ranking.You need to have a closer look at the quality of views.
How long people watched the video where they fell off ?
If people are watching it all the way through that’s a really good indication.

6. Inbound links

Where in Google can you escape inbound links! Links are king even with YouTube videos.
Build links to YouTube channel and video.
Awesome video content gets natural links. There are ways you can help increase the views by sharing it in social media sites, blogs etc. Make people aware of your YouTube Channel.

Email, link to your YouTube Channel
Press release, link to your YouTube Channel
Website, link to your YouTube Channel

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One Response to “6 YouTube Video Engagement Factors You Shouldn’t Ignore”

  1. These 6 factors will work out if the video content is awesome or for controversial videos. Get the visitor to share it or comment about the video. It will happen only if the video content is awesome.

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