6 Ways To Share and Promote YouTube Videos On Twitter

Twitter allows text up to 140 characters. If a picture is worth thousand words, where does video fit in on Twitter?
Most of the twitter strategies are used for tweeting text can still be applied to promoting YouTube videos as well. In addition, there are a few other twitter tips that can be used to promote a YouTube video on twitter.

1. Connect Your YouTube Channel with Your Twitter account

You can integrate your Twitter account with YouTube account by specifying your twitter account in the YouTube settings. Once you specified your twitter account it will auto tweet ever y new YouTube video you upload.

2. Use TwitVid

TwitVid allows you to upload your videos and then tweet the videos. TwitVid allows “real time uploads”. So your followers can watch the video while you are uploading it.

3. Shorten the YouTube video url

The url of the YouTube is lengthy. This reduces that number of text character you can add alongside the YouTube video link. So use a url shortening service.
I use Bit.ly to shorten my links. It also provides real time analytics on how many people clicked the link etc.

4. Add creative and useful text describing your video

Don’t just say “here’s my video {link}” . Be add some eye catching text what will make entice other twitter users to click through the link and watch your video.
For example, for my How To Delete A YouTube Video, I didn’t just add, How To Delete A YouTube Video {link}.
This was one of my tweets for the video
Struggling to find out how to delete a video with the new 2012 #YouTube design? Here’s a step by step guide #deletevideo

5. Add a relevant HashTag when tweeting a YouTube video

Twitter users Hashtags as a way to organize and tag tweets. Simply add a “#” sign before your tag based on your best category or keyword.
For example, I recently tweeted my video on, How To Upload a YouTube Video with #YouTube #YouTubeVideoTips tags

6. Add Your Twitter account to WeFollow

WeFollow is a directory of twitter users which are organized by their interests. It’s a great way to build your twitter followers with others who are in a similar niche. Add your twitter account to 3 categories, and you can get discovered by other twitter users who are looking for users to follow.
PS: Don’t forget to follow me. I general answer, all the questions that I get asked via twitter.

What are other ways you use to share YouTube videos on twitter ? Leave a comment, let me know.

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