6 Types Of Videos You Can Create To Build Your Business

Online video marketing is gaining a lot of momentum these days as more and more consumers are becoming interested in videos. Videos have created a huge market on the web, and drives loads of “likes” and “shares” from fellow visitors. There are various types of videos that you can create to build your business; increase brand awareness, attract prospects to your business and boost sales.

1. Video Testimonials

Video testimonials are also great way to build trust with your prospects and target audience. You can get customers to create videos of them using the products or reviews. I’ve seen this in many facebook fan pages where the business owner asks the fans to upload a video. They give a free gift or incentive for those who upload such videos.
Also, you ask a few people to create video testimonials for you, these could be more “formal” and urge others who watch the video to actually buy the product.

example: Check out this great video testimonial. Do you think it’s convincing enough?

2. Welcome Videos

Create a welcome video that you can add to your blog, website, Facebook fan page. With a welcome video you can let people know about your business, what you do and a few details about you.
It will help build a better relationship with your audience. These types of videos tend to increase trust with the audience which will gradually increase purchasing decision of product you promote.

example: Here’s my introduction video.

3. Lead Capture Videos

Also, known as landing page videos, these types of videos have proven to increase the conversion rate. Lead capture video must have a compelling call to action for the user which asks the viewer to either sign up or purchase the product by clicking the “buy” button.

example: Watch this video about breakthrough profit generation. (The conversion rate for this video is over 46%! Can you learn something that will increase YOUR video conversion rates?)

4. How To Videos

Make a video to show how your product or service can be used. Or it could be a video that has nothing to do with your business but conveys something informative to the user. Find a problem you can create a video for and upload it. Make sure that you brand you video with your url and logo.

example: With the new YouTube December 2011(3.0) design of the YouTube channel, many people found it difficult to figure out how to delete an already uploaded YouTube video. So I created a short step by step video showing exactly how to delete a YouTube video with the latest YouTube interface.

5. Video Interviews

Video interviews are another popular type of video that you can create to build your business. Get yourself interviewed by someone or you can get a colleague or employee to give some insight into how a product was developed etc.

6. Promotional Videos

Create a video to feature a product or service in a “What’s in it for me” angle. Promotional videos sum up key points and easily draw attention. Build brand awareness and a good user experience but don’t make the video too “salesy”.

example: This video about traffic generation robots draws-in the viewer by adding an emotional appeal at the very start of the video.

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