5 Ways To Improve Your YouTube Video Sound Quality Without Spending A Lot!

Yesterday, I was allured to watch a YouTube video because of a compelling thumbnail! The video content was equally good, but the video sound quality was so awful that I stopped watching the video immediately.
It motivated me to write a post! (I just might send the link of this post to him!)

The overall quality of the video plays a huge part in how long a person watches the video. It’s even more important now since YouTube video ranking algorithms have been updated to consider the audience retention rate. In other words, YouTube ranking algorithm now looks at how long someone watched the video before exiting.

Here are a couple of simple tips that you can do to improve the YouTube video sound quality.

1. Eliminate any background noise

Record in a place (or during a time) there’s less noise!
If you have kids or live close a busy highway etc it can be a handful to deal with. So choosing a quiet location and time is by far the easiest, if you don’t want to use technology to remove noise.

Edit the recording and remove the noise
I use audacity, a free software to exact the noise and make the video sound quality better. It doesn’t take much time and you don’t even need any technical expertise.

Use a good microphone
Needless to mention I know! But a lot people tend to ignore this.
This goes without saying and I did write a separate post on best microphones for YouTube

2. Keep the microphone away from the nose!

Have you ever watched a YouTube video where you heard the heavy breathing sound ? That really puts viewers off!

For this too, you can edit the sound after recording, but as a best practice keep the microphone at a healthy distance from the nose.

3. Speak slowly and clearly

Some people by nature speak fairly fast. If you are one of those people, then you need to adjust to speak slowly so that other can understand what you say.

4. Mind your Ps and Ss!

Stand in front of a mirror and say Popcorn. Does the p pop out?
What about seashell? Do you hear the “sh..” linger along?

You can prevent this by using a pop filter. It’s a piece of acoustically transparent material that blocks those noises from hitting your microphone.
pop filter improve sound

improve sound quality

5. Buy a better microphone

Most people use the in-built microphone of the laptop or use a cheep mic that comes with the headphones to record YouTube videos. If you are serious about making professional videos and would like to grow your YouTube audience, you really should invest on a good microphone.
You can still buy a good microphone for less than $100! Read my previous post on Best Affordable Microphone for YouTube Videos, for more details

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