3 Proven Ways To Use Video To Convince People To Buy And Increase Sales

How many times have you seen an “As seen on TV” advertisement and felt as if you really.. needed that product? Perhaps, you didn’t even know about the product before. But after watching their video, you are convinced that you have a problem and that the solution for this problem is that particular product. Furthermore, you feel as if you can’t stay without buying the product!
What about convincing video sales letters ? How do they manage to increase the conversion rate of the landing page by adding a video?

Well, it’s no secret. By only a few people who create videos for the purpose of selling products actually appeal to the customer to buy. When they are creating the video, they “know” how a customer might feel about the product.
So it’s important to know, why a customer might not buy your product in the first place. Let’s look at some common reasons why people don’t buy and then see how you can you use video to win them over.

1. The customer doesn’t NEED the product NOW

So how do you make a customer buy your product, if he/she thinks that it’s not needed now?

For these types of customer you have to peak their interest with the video you create. How can the customer be happier, richer or better looking etc with your product. You have to make an emotional connection with the customer so that they feel they need it now.

The types of videos you can use for this purpose are videos that clearly demonstrate visually how that product is going to improve the customers life.
Let me take Satellite Direct TV for PC as an example product to highlight the above point.

It’s a product that will enable you to watch television online without the need for cable TV. I will assume that you are the customer. Ok, so you think you don’t need this now. You have your cable tv connection which you are happy with.

Then in my video I show about how you can save more than $1000 USD a year with Satellite Direct TV for PC. Sure, that will get you interested, make you want to watch the video further. Then I give statistics about how you might be paying about $1000 to $1200 USD per year (excluding including the installation fees for extra equipment etc) for cable or Satellite TV.
So, what if you can get more than 5000 channels worldwide in High Definition for just a one time payment of $49.95.

Now, let’s assume that you travel frequently and you then won’t be able to watch your TV channels at home. However, if you have Satellite Direct TV for PC, if you have your laptop and an Internet connection you will be able to watch your favorite channels anytime, anywhere!

Would you at least consider heading over to the main page for more details about Satellite Direct TV for PC? 😉

2. The customer doesn’t believe

This is also another reason why people don’t buy. Often, the sales pitch takes prominence and it sounds too good to be true. So how can you use video to remove this barrier?

If we take the same example as above, I would create some videos that
1. Show how easy it is to install and get it working – This will make the customer realize that they don’t need any technical skills, special hardware etc to use this product
2. Add customer testimonial of others who have already bought this – It will build more trust and potential customers see how other have bought this and are befitting from this product. People will be able to relate more to these types of videos.

3. The price issue

Even if someone wants to buy the product they might feel that it’s too expensive or they don’t have the budget etc.

Here are a couple of suggestions to get through this hurdle.
1. Throw in a couple of bonuses. Make the “package” you offer something that the user can’t resist.
2. Offer a reduced price for a period – e.g “This offer ends in 1 days 5 hrs 20 mins 2 secs” sort of count down timer
3. Offer a special discount for video views – give them a code or url link they need to go to get the discount

These techniques are used day in day out by other video markets to convince people that they need the product. Try to implement these tips and see how you can increase your sales.

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  1. I really want a webcam for my computer to video chat wih people. I kindof really want it by tomorrow. So i was thinking of going to Best Buy tomorrow and buying one. I have a Dell computer.. does it matter what webcam I get? and What do I do to convince my aprents to get me one?

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